Borrego Springs, CA.

Matt and I took a trip to Borrego Springs, CA to accomplish a hike through the Canyon. Its called the Slot Canyon Hike. We didn’t know what to expect on our drive to Borrego Springs but were pleasantly surprised when we arrived to the little town that sits right outside Anza-Borrego Desert State Park. On our way in we came across beautiful mountains with the sunlight hitting them in an interesting way. They looked like a painting. We passed a vintage RV park on our way in and did a quick U-turn to drive through the park filled with re-done airstreams, and other unique trailers. Everything was colorful and well kept and not like any RV park I have ever seen.  Some sites had small gardens and beautiful trees and plants growing.  I texted my mom and told her I found her retirement sanctuary.

We had written directions down for the Slot Canyon Trailhead as it wasn’t on a map. I found it online under a hidden hikes google search. The directions were sort of like: “look for a dirt road, drive exactly 2 minutes down the dirt road, park your car and follow footprints, slowly descend into a 50 foot trench…”. To our surprise the directions actually worked and we found one of our favorite hikes. It wasn’t difficult or challenging but it was through a slot in a Canyon which we both had never experienced. I feel like if I ate a bigger breakfast I would not have been able to squeeze through some of the spaces. There were times where I had to lift my camera bag up over my head and walk through because the bag was too wide to fit. The trek was only about a mile so we looped back through so we could do it again. It was simple and fun.

In Anza-Borrego State park there are many trailheads for different hikes. Since our first hike went by quickly we decided to do another one. This one was a little more challenging as it inclined up a mountain. Once we got to the top we had great views of the park and Borrego Springs. We watched the sunset over the city as we sat on top of a boulder. It was a great afternoon.

On our way back home we saw a heard of cows with gorgeous dark clouds over them. I had Matt pull over so I could photograph the animals with my favorite dark lighting. They came right up to the fence once I started walking over to them. I gave one my hand so he can smell me then went in for a little pat on his nose. After their photoshoot, I had to walk back to the car about 200 feet up and the cows followed me on their side of the fence as I walked up. That made me happy. Now we were new friends.

Volunteer work on a Permaculture Farm

Hi! We have been doing volunteer work on an organic permaculture farm in Southern California since January. Matt and I would like to have a small farm of our own one day so we are learning different techniques on how to start and maintain an organic farm. We believe that helping other people and seeking out enriching, challenging experiences is the quickest path to personal growth.

The farm we are on is a relatively small operation so everything is planted, weeded, picked, and processed by hand. No fertilizer, pesticides, or GMO’s. Basically, throughout the week we do a lot of weeding to be sure that all the vegetables are getting all the nutrients and not being taken over by the weeds. I still don’t understand how weeds grow overnight but it takes weeks for a vegetable seed to sprout.

The Farm sells their produce to four “Farm-to-Table” restaurants in the Southern California area. It’s sits on five acres of land and only takes six of us to operate and maintain the grounds. Everything on the farm is re-used or recycled in order to produce less waste and promote self-sustainability.

We are located outside of Temecula, CA in a very small town called Aguanga with a population of 1,128. A small general store, gas station, and post office make up the “downtown” strip. Our little cabin sits in the shade of the mountains and when the sun comes up in the morning the sky is bright purple. It’s a nice way to start the day. dsc_3496dsc_3500dsc_3565dsc_3538dsc_3554dsc_3522dsc_3517dsc_3506