Volunteer work on a Permaculture Farm

Hi! We have been doing volunteer work on an organic permaculture farm in Southern California since January. Matt and I would like to have a small farm of our own one day so we are learning different techniques on how to start and maintain an organic farm. We believe that helping other people and seeking out enriching, challenging experiences is the quickest path to personal growth.

The farm we are on is a relatively small operation so everything is planted, weeded, picked, and processed by hand. No fertilizer, pesticides, or GMO’s. Basically, throughout the week we do a lot of weeding to be sure that all the vegetables are getting all the nutrients and not being taken over by the weeds. I still don’t understand how weeds grow overnight but it takes weeks for a vegetable seed to sprout.

The Farm sells their produce to four “Farm-to-Table” restaurants in the Southern California area. It’s sits on five acres of land and only takes six of us to operate and maintain the grounds. Everything on the farm is re-used or recycled in order to produce less waste and promote self-sustainability.

We are located outside of Temecula, CA in a very small town called Aguanga with a population of 1,128. A small general store, gas station, and post office make up the “downtown” strip. Our little cabin sits in the shade of the mountains and when the sun comes up in the morning the sky is bright purple. It’s a nice way to start the day. dsc_3496dsc_3500dsc_3565dsc_3538dsc_3554dsc_3522dsc_3517dsc_3506


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