The Golden Gate Bridge

“I have known her for 15 years, and she is more beautiful than ever … Her hair is usually a copper-red, and she has enormous feet, but once you have seen her bathing in the sun, she becomes a woman you will never forget.” Dean Jennings, The Chronicle, 1952

The Golden Gate Bridge. San Fransisco, California


June Update

Hello. If you haven’t heard, Matt & I moved to Asheville, NC. If you are a client of mine and reading this, do not worry…I will basically be coming to Michigan every few weeks to fulfill my booked weddings and scheduled photoshoots. Traveling back and forth between Michigan and North Carolina is something I plan to do for the next few years. I love my Michigan clients and the relationships I have gained and grown from this photography business of mine. It’s been a really great transition for me to force myself to put myself out there networking and making new friends. I’m so thankful for all of you and truly have so much fun doing this “job”.

We decided to make Asheville our home base because this city fits our personalities and we are able to easily do all the things we love like hiking, camping, waterfall diving, kayaking, river tubing etc.. Asheville is dreamland for us.

Please come visit. We will cook you good food.

Besides moving in and getting settled, this is what we have been up to the past 2 weeks:


Hollywood, Los Angeles, California

We visited L.A. and stayed in a home located in Hollywood Hills. We packed a backpack for the day and spent our morning and afternoon walking through the neighborhood where we found hidden staircases that led us all the way to downtown Hollywood. I loved the homes we saw during our trek. Every home was unique and all the people walking around were eccentric with great style. I could people watch in L.A. for the rest of my life and die happy.


California Wildflowers

We have had a very rainy winter in California. Many days spent inside with sad souls but all the rain is so worth seeing all these beautiful wildflowers everywhere. Mountains and hills turned bright orange, yellow, and purple. California is alive…and so am I! DSC_9211DSC_9214DSC_9249DSC_9269DSC_9271